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About Us

Welcome to Dinky
Danky !

As Parents, Guardians or Teachers we Know that regular exercise and physical activity is very important for all of us, but especially important for children. It has been shown that the first five years are critical for optimal growth and development.
Our Products have been designed for use indoors, to keep kids physically active within your own home. Our products have a range of features which include, climbing ladders, climbing nets, slides, swings and hand grips. Most kids love to climb and our Playframes will help to motivate and keep your kids active.
Children who stay active with Regular physical Activity will benefit from increased coordination, Balance and response time, stronger mental well being, and increase of self esteem and confidence. We also know that regular physical activity will help to maintain a healthy body weight.
As well as being great fun, Our Playframes are strong and have a weight capacity up to 50kg.
Our wooden Play Frames are the perfect addition to your Home to allow your kids to play and stay active indoors ! Also Perfect if it's raining outside.
We have so many happy Kids who love to play on our play frames everyday, they become part of their daily routine. You'll be surprised at where your kids imagination can wonder, we have many a story of 'the look out tower on a safari', or 'the tree house on Jungle hill', or the new hideout filled with your sofa cushions and drape covered with your duvet ! Take a look around our website and Enjoy. Thanks for visiting Team Dinky Danky

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